Power Integrity Solutions for FPGA Systems

PI Scanner VNA for FPGAs

PI Scanner configures an FPGA to function as a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) test  instrument for its own power distribution network (PDN)

  • Measures PDN impedance frequency profile 
  • Measures noise coupling between power domains
  • Extracts S-parameter models of the FPGA PDN

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PowerLoad for FPGAs

PowerLoad configures an FPGA to function as DC load for its own power distribution network (PDN)

  • Customized for your FPGA device

  • DC or dynamic ON/OFF switching of load current
  • Adjustable DC load current 
  • Optional slew rate adjustment

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ChipQuakeTM Power Integrity Explorer

ChipQuakeTM provides fast frequency domain simulations of power integrity and noise coupling in mixed signal integrated circuits, including the effects of package and printed circuit boards (PCBs)

ChipQuakeTM allows design engineers and system architects to visualize power integrity and noise coupling tradeoffs in chip/package/PCB co-designs

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