Power Integrity Solutions for FPGA Systems

What is PI Scanner
PI Scanner power integrity analysis method configures an FPGA to function as a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) test  instrument with probing ports connected to its own power distribution network (PDN)

The VNA is then controlled from a computer to:
     1. Measure the impedance frequency profile of the FPGA PDN
     2. Measure noise coupling between FPGA power domains
     3. Extract S-parameter models of the FPGA PDN

Extracted S-parameter models can be then used in system-level simulations of power integrity and signal integrity on I/O data links

PI Scanner product consists of:
     1. FPGA intellectual property (IP) configuration file 
     2. Software application that runs on a computer
     3. Interface cable and adapter USB to serial (UART)

PI Scanner Unique Advantages
Probing ports are at the logic gates levels on the FPGA die, so measurement results reflect exactly the impedance that the electric circuits of FPGA fabric see when looking into the power distribution network (PDN)

Measurements include the entire system-level PDN from the FPGA die, through package, printed circuit board (PCB), all the way to the voltage regulator module (VRM)

Measurements include the impedance and transfer function of on-die voltage regulators implemented in some FPGAs

PI Scanner can be used in 3D-IC, stacked die, and multi-die FPGAs and the measurements cover the PDN path on silicon interposers and other stacked silicon interconnects (SSI) and noise coupling between different dies mounted in the same FPGA package
FPGA Vendors Coverage 

PI Scanner can work with most FPGA models from multiple vendors:

     Lattice Semiconductors
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PI Scanner Evaluation Kit Contents

1. FPGA board (Xilinx Spartan-3 XC3S200 FT256)
2. PI Scanner Software Installation CD
3. USB to UART Serial Adapter Board
4. USB cable
5. Serial Interface Wires
6. Power Supply Adapter

Price $190
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